TERI in renewable energy pact in Mexico City news
24 December 2008

New Delhi-based The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the Centre for Innovation and Renewable Energy (CIRE) have agreed to promote renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies in India and Mexico.
"TERI is overwhelmed by the Mexican government's response to partner with the Centre for Innovation and Renewable Energy, Mexico City,: said Dr RK Pachauri, director general, TERI, said. "We are sure that through such strong government support and partnerships a lot can be achieved in combating the dangers of climate change globally."

Sam Pitroda, chairman, National Knowledge Commission, said "The CIRE, having obtained the right talents, infrastructure and political support, will be a vital link between companies, markets and knowledge centres, especially in the Latin American countries." 

He also said TERI would support CIRE in finding climate friendly alternate energy solutions.

Referring to the environmental chaos that Mexico faced in the mid '80s, Manuel Camacho, representative from the government of Mexico, said, "The CIER must be a centre of excellence that promotes and fosters the entailment between academy, industry and government to impel the technological development. In making this institute a centre of excellence the government of Mexico is leaving no stone unturned and is tapping all possible support and knowledge expertise from Universities, Research centres, Enterprises, Financial Institutions and others partners."

 TERI will help CIRE to evaluate human resources and infrastructure development requirements and develop a research agenda.

CIRE would work on two levels, local as well as global levels in the field of energy, considering that energy is an implicit economy empowering factor. CIRE's vision is to work in areas of renewable energy, energy conservation and efficient use of energy and green buildings. It will collaborate with the main academicians, researchers as well as institutions of higher learning.

CIRE will have a multi-level integration. This centre will, in the beginning, have Mexico City government's funding. This will also include infrastructure promotion and management of the project, legal endorsement and a favourable environmental policy towards energy saving and renewable energy use.

The second tier of operations is to use the expertise of universities and research centres, hence promoting collaboration between TERI, Mexico City's Science and Technology Institute, New York Academy of Sciences, and the premier research & technology investigation centres in Japan, Brazil, Israel and Russia.

Enterprises, financial institutions and others in the next tier will help in international promotion of CIRE, especially to the Latin American counties and would help in enterprise direction, structuring of business plans, international commercialisation and support services.

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TERI in renewable energy pact in Mexico City