Alcohol flows out of taps in Kerala apartment: report

In Kerala, touted as the liquor capital of India, reports say, 18 families living in a residential building in Chalakkudy found to their dismay that it is not water, but alcohol that flows out of their water taps.

On Monday residents of an apartment in Chalakkudy, in Thrissur, near Kochi, reported a foul-smelling liquid coming out of their water taps, which turned out to be a mixture of water and liquor.
Residents of the Solomon’s Avenue apartment near the KSRTC bus stand in Chalakkudy had on Sunday noticed the smell of alcohol near their building, only to receive drinking water mixed with liquor the next day, say reports. 
The culprit, however, turned out to be the excise department and some officials from Irinjalakuda who disposed off 6,000 litres of beer and other spirits into a pit next to the apartment.
The liquor disposed off near the apartment building is reported to be from a bar next to the building, which was shut down six years ago. Disposal of the bar’s liquor was pending and the Excise Department took the easy way out by digging a pit in the compound and pouring all the liquor into it.
The pit happened to be close to the compound wall of the apartment and the liquor seeped from under the walls into an open tank of the apartment, spoiling the stored water.
The residents suspended all activities as they had no access to drinking water from the open well, and complained to the Chalakudy police and municipality, following which health officials tested the well water to confirm the presence of liquor. 
Municipal authorities has arranged for supply of 5,000 litres of drinking water in tankers to the apartment on a daily basis until the issue is solved.