India seen as 18th most desirable place to work among G20 as US tops ranking

07 October 2014

India has been ranked 18th in a list of most desirable places to work globally while the US has been ranked as the best place to work, followed by the UK, Canada, Germany and Switzerland, making them the five most desirable countries to work, according to a list compiled by the Boston Consulting Group, total jobs.Com and The Network.

India was ranked 18th among G20 nations as a desirable work destination. Even as about 70-80 per cent of Indians said they are willing to work in an overseas location, says the new report.

The other countries in the top 10 where foreigners said they would like to work include France (6th), Australia (7th), Spain (8th), Italy (9th) and Sweden (10th).

The Asia Pacific region does not generate as much interest as a possible work destination as the US or Europe, largely because of the perceived difficulty of learning Asian Language, the report said, but noted "some fast growing Asian countries are starting to reclaim workers they have lost."

Globally, one in every five participants already has international work experience and almost 64 per cent said they would be willing to go to another country for work.

According to the survey, around 70-80 per cent of Indians are already living abroad or are willing to move to a foreign country for work.

Some of the most important workplace attribute in India include good work life balance, job security, learning and career development and appreciation for your work.

The report noted that most people are willing to uproot themselves and head for a foreign country for work mainly because they want to broaden their life experience and that of their families.

"The proportion of people willing to work abroad is particularly high in countries that are still developing economically or are experiencing political instability," the survey said adding that more than 97 per cent of Pakistanis say they would be willing to go abroad for work.

Around 94 per cent of survey respondents in Netherlands said they would consider moving to another country for work. In France, where the economy has been showing signs of stagnating, the same proportion (94 per cent) is willing to leave home.

On the other hand, people in the US, Germany and the UK -- three economies that have rebounded more convincingly -- are not as willing to go abroad for work.

Barely a third of US respondents consider the idea and only 44 per cent of those in the UK and Germany say they would be interested in taking a job in another country, the report said.

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