US asks India to modify civil nuclear liability regime

New York: The cat is finally out of the bag as far as delayed implementation of the landmark Indo-US civil nuclear deal is concerned, with US secretary of state Hillary Clinton asking India Tuesday to ensure that its nuclear liability regime conformed to the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage.

India's civil nuclear liability regime has become a sticking point in the full implementation of the Indo-US nuclear deal, with American companies reluctant to enter business given the tough compensation legislation passed by the Indian parliament.

Other partner nations in India's civil nuclear programme, such as Russia and France have expressed reservations as well.

Clinton broached the contentious issue in a 40 minute meeting in New York on the side-lines of the UN General Assembly session with Indian external affairs minister SM Krishna, according to a senior state department Official.

Both ministers discussed a number of issues related to the New Silk Road initiative to strengthen transit and trade in South and Central Asia, as well as bilateral, regional and global efforts to combat terrorism and the establishment of the new Global Counterterrorism forum.

The Middle East peace initiative was also discussed as was the situation in Syria.

Clinton also thanked Krishna for India's peacekeeping contribution in South Sudan.