Defence ministry signs Rs2,595-cr contract with L&T for procurement of 41 modular bridges

The defence ministry on Wednesday (8 February) approved the proposal for indigenous manufacture of 41 sets of Modular Bridges for the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army, at an estimated cost of over Rs2,585 crore, giving a major boost to indigenisation of defence equipment.

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) will manufacture these game-changing bridges, designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), as the nominated production agency. The contract for the procurement of Modular Bridges was signed with L&T on 8 February 2023.
Each set of Modular Bridges shall consist of seven carrier vehicles based on 8x8 Heavy Mobility Vehicles and two launcher vehicles based on 10x10 Heavy Mobility Vehicles. Each set will be capable of mechanically launching a single span fully decked 46-meter assault bridge. The bridge can be employed over various types of obstacles like canals & ditches with quick launching and retrieval capabilities. The equipment is highly mobile, versatile, rugged and capable of keeping pace with wheeled and tracked mechanised vehicles.
The modular bridges will replace manually-­launched Medium Girder Bridges (MGB) that are currently being used by the Indian Army. The indigenously designed and manufactured Modular bridges will have many advantages over the MGB, such as increased span, less time for construction and mechanical launching with retrieval capability. The procurement of these bridges will give a major boost to the bridging capability of the Indian Army on the Western Front. The project will showcase India’s progress in designing and developing world class military equipment and pave the way for enhancing defence exports to friendly countries, says a defence ministry release.