Army sets up barbed wire obstacles to stall Chinese incursions

14 Sep 2020


Indian soldiers have set up barbed wire obstacles at points where Chinese troops have moved forward from their positions at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, which on Monday led to the skirmishes.

India has warned Chin’s People Liberation Army (PLA) against attempts to enter its territory after PLA troops, armed with medieval-type weapons, on Monday made a vain attempt to take over Indian positions.
The PLA has reportedly deployed around 50,000 troops with heavy tanks, artillery and infantry combat vehicles at the LAC opposite the Indian side of Chushul where the friction points lie
The Chinese troops are reportedly conducting drills within their territory in Tibet but that can be heard on the Indian side of the border.
China’s aggressive posture comes as India and China continue military and diplomatic talks for de-escalation.
The Indian Army has given standing instructions to field commanders stationed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) that Chinese troops should not be allowed to transgress into our territory ‘at any cost’.
Apart from setting obstacles to avoid further escalation at the LAC and dissuade the Chinese side from provocative and aggressive movements, India has also warned it will retaliate if Chinese troops continue to make incursion attempts.
India has given clear message to the Chinese side during a meeting of military representatives on Wednesday for de-escalation of tension at the LAC, sources said.
The meeting, however, remained "inconclusive" and the talks will continue.
PLA troops had made an attempt to dislodge Indian soldiers from their positions at the LAC on Monday and warning shots were also fired.
And, as China started fresh build up at the finger area north of Pangong Tso (lake), India clearly stated during Wednesday's meeting that if Chinese troops carry out any provocative military movements, Indian soldiers will retaliate. 
The deployments of PLA troops have increased since Tuesday evening. They are also bringing in more material and logistics items.
"They are within clear visible range and Indian troops are keeping a close watch on the activities of the Chinese," said a government source.
On Tuesday, around 40 to 50 Chinese troops, armed with spears and other sharp-edged weapons, besides guns, had reached a few metres from the Indian Army position at heights north of Rezang La, and seemed to be poised for a fresh attempt to dislodge the Indian soldiers from their position.
This came in wake of Monday’s skirmishes on the southern bank where the Indian Army dominates the key positions.
Indian Army has occupied crucial heights in areas around the southern bank of Pangong lake and the Chinese have made several attempts to take over the Indian positions.
This area has become the new friction point, even as the Indian Army seems to be in an advantageous position, having occupied the heights that allow it to dominate China's Moldo garrison and the Spangur Gap under Chinese control. Both India and China lay claim to some of these heights.
One of the most critical heights the Indian Army is manning is the Rechin La, which the Chinese are protesting against.
From here, the Indian Army enjoys a vantage point not just for Chinese military bases on the southern bank of the Pangong lake but can also be in range of the Finger 4 area on the north of the lake.
As India and China continue to face off in the eastern Ladakh region, and military and diplomatic talks for de-escalation seem inconclusive as of today, the Indian Army has asked commanders at border outposts to exercise restraint while patrolling their respective areas or while undertaking any ‘task’.
But, with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army continuing its build-up with around 50,000 troops, heavy tanks and artillery at the LAC, the Indian Army has given standing instructions to field commanders stationed along the LAC that Chinese troops should not be allowed to transgress into our territory ‘at any cost’.
Army has also warned that with China showing no signs of backing off, things could get out of hand.

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