CBI arrests officer, middleman in Army transfer racket

03 June 2017

The Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) has arrested a Lt Colonel and a middleman in connection with a transfer racket at the Army headquarters in which officers allegedly paid lakhs of rupees to manipulate their postings.

Lt Col Ranganathan Suvramani Moni, posted in the personnel division of the Army, and middleman Gaurav Kohli were arrested while an alleged bribe of Rs2 lakh was changing hands for the transfer of a Bengaluru based officer, CBI sources said today.

They were allegedly giving choice postings for ''huge illegal gratification'' which ran into lakhs for a single transfer, sources said. The investigating agency had learnt of the illicit activities of some Army officers and laid a trap to arrest the two men.

The case has been registered against Moni, Hyderabad-based Army officer Purshottam, Bengaluru-based Barracks and Stores Officer (BSO) S Subhas and alleged middleman Gaurav Kohli.

Purshottam allegedly contacted Army officers who were either posted in different field formations or faced imminent transfer and were desirous of getting posted to their preferred locations. He used to contact Kohli, who was close to senior officers in the personnel division of the army headquarters.

Kohli used these contacts to pursue transfers of Army officers in lieu of huge illegal gratification, the FIR said.

In the present case, Purshottam allegedly requested Kohli to pursue the posting of one D S R K Reddy and Subhas in exchange for a huge bribe, it claimed. Both wanted to be posted from Bengaluru to Secunderabad or Visakhapatnam.

Moni assured he would help getting Subhas transferred through a senior officer in the army headuquarters against payment of illegal gratification, it alleged. Subhas allegedly delivered Rs5 lakh as bribe to Kohli through hawala operators.

''…Kohli visited residence of…Moni and conducted a meeting with some senior officers at the army headquarter in Delhi. Information also reveal that…Moni is in contact with Brigadier SK Grover DDG (Personnel) of Army Headquarter for the transfer matter of Subhas,'' the CBI FIR stated. It is alleged that Rs2 lakh was to be paid by Kohli to Moni for Subhas's transfer.

CBI sources said the racket may involve some more senior officers who are suspected to be involved in the case. The FIR also names Brigadier S K Grover, DDG Personnel, but his name has not been included in the list of accused.

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