Indian Air Force issues RFI for mini VTOL-UAV

The Indian Air Force has issued a request for information (RFI) for a small-sized vertical take-off and landing unmanned air vehicle (UAV). The requirement is for a battery or fuel-operated UAV that weighs less than 10 kg (22lb) and operational endurance of over 1 hour.

Turkish VTOL-UAV modelThe UAV will be expected to perform intelligence, search and reconnaissance (ISR) missions and will be equipped with mission payloads including cameras, forward-looking infrared and laser spotters and rangefinders.

The RFI also specifies that the UAV should be capable of hovering and operating in urban environments.

The system should come with portable, lightweight ground stations and data-link terminals.

The RFI is for "a simple design such as a personal computer-based ground control station capable of handling the UAV telemetry information, mission display image processing, detection and transmission of information pertaining to all payloads", the air force says.

It also calls for the "facility to integrate with other HQ/control stations" and a data-link range of "not less than 10 km [5.4nm]".