Tata Advanced Systems develops Loitering Munition

31 Oct 2022


Tata Advanced Systems has developed a loitering munition called ASL-50, which has been successfully tested for its ability to strike targets accurately. ALS-50 had, during trials in Ladakh earlier this year, also demonstrated its ability to operate from high-altitude areas.

During tests at Pokhran, the system was able to hit designated ground target accurately. The system was able to hit the designated ground target accurately during trials. 
ALS-50, displayed by Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) at DexExpo 2022, received the Raksha Mantri’s Awards for Excellence in Defence and Aerospace Sector on Friday (21 October).
The loitering munition is one of the many such systems exhibited at the DefExpo this year by Indian defence companies.
Built using lightweight composites, the system has a range of over 50 kilometres. It has five flight modes—fully autonomous, semi-autonomous, loiter, attack, and return home.
The system is capable of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), which means it can take off and land like a quadcopter.
This will allow the user to operate the system from areas with limited space, like narrow valleys in eastern Ladakh and Arunachal.
"ALS being indigenously developed, is adapted to the wide variety of Indian terrain and weather conditions," TASL said, adding that the system will soon be inducted in "one of the armed forces of India".
After takeoff, the system transitions into the fixed wing mode and flies to its target. It is equipped with an autonomous targeting system, which allows it to identify its pre-designated target and home into it.
Loitering munition can be used to destroy enemy targets that may be beyond line of sight, including high value targets like command centres and missile launchers, that may be located at a distance.
The system is useful in both surveillance and combat roles. It provides a live feed to the user, allowing them to guide the munition as required.
It also has multiple built-in failsafe features, which ensures the "system can be aborted after launch, recovered, and made to re-attack the same or a different target", TASL adds in the literature distributed at the DefExpo.
Apart from TASL's ALS-50, loitering munitions developed by other Indian defence companies like ALFA-S by NewSpace Research and Technologies and Achuk by Redon Systems were also displayed at the DefExpo.
ALFA-A, a canisterised (tube-launched) loitering munition, has a service celing of 6 kilometer, a range of 140 km and an endurance greater than 60 minutes. Achuk, another canisterised system, has a strike radius of 30 km. It has a 3,500 meter operational height and is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20 degree celsius to 50 degree celsius.
Indian armed forces are inducting loitering munitions in various categories, including the Buy Indian (IDDM) category.
While the artillery regiments will receive loitering ammunition ordered under emergency procurement last year, plans are afoot to induct canister launched loitering system to be integrated on the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

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