TCS implements automated trading system for Daiwa Securities SMBC simultaneously across multiple APAC markets

Tata Consultancy Services has announced that it has simultaneously implemented an automated trading system for Daiwa Securities SMBC (Daiwa) across multiple markets in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.
According to a company press release, Daiwa expects the newly introduced automated trading system to reduce cycle times while increasing trading volumes. IT said tha the new automated system would provide customers increased profitability afforded by access to automated trading strategies.
The automated system employs essentially the same applications for each stock market and its simultaneous deployment was made possible through the use of TCS's global network delivery model (GNDMTM). The trading system's adaptability to such diverse stock market systems bodes well for its future expansion into other markets, said the press release.
TCS has mobilised 100 engineers over a one-year period, working in tandem with Daiwa's project team from the gathering and analysis of system requirements to system implementation. It ensured effective project management and addressed industry-specific requirements by assigning a group of engineers and functional consultants well-versed in the operations of securities markets.

To ensure the successful deployment of Daiwa's first large-scale offshoring initiative, periodical visits to the TCS offshore facilities by Daiwa representatives were arranged throughout the development process.
''Economic growth, particularly in Asia, has seen the expansion and globalisation of stock markets accelerate phenomenally,'' said Koji Murasato, general manager of the information technology department, Daiwa Securities SMBC.

''In adopting TCS's trading system for key markets such as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, we placed a strong focus on the system's scalability. We believe introduction of the new automated trading system will allow us to not only comfortably handle continually expanding trading volumes, but also allow us to offer customers the benefits of complex trading strategies. Another key benefit we see is the significant reduction in development costs, achieved through simultaneous deployment across multiple markets,'' he added.
''TCS has over 20 years experience in providing innovative, high-value added solutions to the Japanese market,'' said Masahiko Kaji, president, TCS Japan.