HBO network in talks with Apple Inc, Google for new streaming service

HBO network is in talks with five companies including Apple Inc, Google Inc to partner in the launch of the highly anticipated HBO Now video streaming service, Reuters reported citing two media reports.

The service, aimed at customers wanted to break free from cable subscriptions, will allow users to access HBO content without a cable subscription for a set monthly fee.

According to various reports Time Warner Inc, which owns the HBO pay-TV service, announced the video streaming service in October in a bid to attract subscribers who are ditching the comparatively more expensive cable television subscriptions.

The retail price of the service had been pegged at $15 a month and it would launch next month, timed to the season premier of HBO's blockbuster series "Game of Thrones," the International Business Times reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.

It added HBO is in talks with Apple to make Apple TV one of the devices carrying HBO Now when the service premieres, in April. This would allow Apple TV users to watch HBO Now much like the existing version of HBO's service, HBO Go.

HBO Go is available to all existing HBO subscribers on a variety of devices like the iPad and Apple TV, but it requires an HBO subscription through a cable or satellite provider.

TiVo Inc, digital video recorder maker, was in discussions with HBO about distributing the service, chief executive Tom Rogers told Bloomberg.