And now, a car that runs on air from the Tata stable

After the acquisition of upscale British brands Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motors and the launch of its Rs1 lakh small car Nano, Tata Motors is making a giant stride towards history – making a car that runs on compressed air.

Tata Motors has signed an agreement with Moteur Development International (MDI) of France to develop a car that runs on compressed air, thus making travel very economical and totally pollution free. (See: Tata Motors, MDI of France sign technology pact)

Although there is no official word yet on the roll-out of the car, reports indicate that it is expected to be commercially manufactured for India, sooner than later.

The car, on the lines of the European MiniCAT, could cost around Rs350,000 in India and would have a range of around 300 km between refuels. The cost of a refill would be about Rs90.

MDI, which has carried out 10 years of research, is now ready to introduce its clean vehicles onto the market, reports said, adding, the compressed air technology allows vehicle engines to be both non-polluting and economical.

Unlike electric or hydrogen powered vehicles, MDI vehicles are not expensive and do not have a limited driving range. These cars are affordable and have a performance rate that stands up to current standards.