Sun broadens Solaris x86 portfolio powered by AMD Opteron processors

Hyderabad: Sun Microsystems has expanded its industry-standard comprehensive product line based on Solaris x86 OS and the AMD Opteron processor, and has announced the Sun Fire V20z Server Enterprise Essentials Promotion that can help dramatically reduce customers' total cost of acquisition over three years.

With this, Sun is offering customers leadership and flexibility virtually unmatched by IBM, HP or Dell through industry-standard technologies that lead on price / performance, and the company's complete spectrum of services and solutions. Sun's AMD Opteron processor-based solutions run the platinum standard for enterprise operating systems (OS) -Solaris, as well as Linux and Microsoft Windows through Windows Hardware Qualification List (WHQL) certification. All of the new products will be showcased at LinuxWorld, San Francisco, in the Sun booth.

"Sun has established clear differentiation in the x86 market by offering Solaris x86 on AMD Opteron processors. This gives them an opportunity to take a strong position in the over US$22.5B x86 systems market," said Vernon Turner, group vice president, IDC. "Initial data indicates very strong price / performance relative to other operating systems by taking advantage of the reliability and scalability features of Solaris and AMD's Opteron processor speed".