Starting with Skoda Superb, VW to finally begin recalls in India

Facing the heat in the diesel emissions scam, Volkswagen in India will finally begin recalling vehicles, with the older generation Skoda Superb being first to be fixed, according to Overdrive. The German auto giant had announced that it would recall cars in the country nine months back.

Although the production of the previous generation of the Superb was stopped last year, the car has become the first to be recalled primarily because it is running on the suspect 2.0-litre EA 189 diesel engine.

This engine came fitted with a cheat device which helped it pass the emission norms in US and European markets.

In India, the device is believed to have not been installed as under the emission norms here, the car would pass anyway, as the emission norms in India are much less stringent than in the US and Europe.

However, reports suggest that the recall process has already been initiated and customers in the country will be intimated by either the dealer or the company itself. The engines will now be updated for customers in India even as the VW group faces massive compensation costs and is buying back vehicles in the US.

Interestingly, European media reports suggested that VW sales in the region were largely unaffected by the massive controversy.