Samsung to pay Apple $548 mn in patent dispute

Samsung Electronics Co has agreed to pay Apple Inc $548 million in damages this month under a court order, the first in a nearly five-year-long patent dispute between the smartphone makers.

In a filing in the US District Court in San Jose, California, on Thursday, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said it will pay the damages after a court denied the company's latest appeal in the case.

Samsung said it will make the payment by 14 December if Apple Inc sends an invoice on Friday. Samsung, however, said it might seek reimbursement from Apple depending on any future rulings from the US Patent and Trademark Office or the US Supreme Court.

Samsung is paying a reduced compensation after the US appeals court last May lowered a $930 million judgment against Samsung - resulting from a 2012 verdict for infringing Apple patents and copying the look of the iPhone - by $382 million.

"We are disappointed that the court has agreed to proceed with Apple's grossly exaggerated damages claims regardless of whether the patents are valid," a Samsung spokeswoman said in a statement.

Apple said it would appeal that ruling and said in court documents it "disputes Samsung's asserted rights to reimbursement."

Samsung will be facing yet another trial over remaining damages relating to some of its infringing products in the case.