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Samsung's new commercial focuses on Galaxy S5's special features

10 April 2014

Samsung's new commercial focuses on the latest special features of its upcoming flagship: the Galaxy S5 and mentions its camera, resistance to dust and water, its Full HD Super AMOLED screen, and additionally its heart rate sensor.

The device is expected to be in the stores as early as 11 April, which users across 150 countries would be able to purchase.

The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1'' display, Octa-Core Exynos or Quad-Core Snapdragon variants clocked at 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz respectively, 2GB RAM, a 16MP primary camera, 16GB internal storage with a microSD card slot, and a 2800 mAh battery.

As far as the software is concerned the Galaxy S5 runs Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box.

According to commentators, the added publicity would help Samsung, as the Galaxy S5 had hit a bit of a rough patch due to certain production issues the company had faced recently, which reduced the amount of phones that would be available for launch.

The company has added several features to the camera including HDR in video, Virtual Tour Shot, Selective Focus mode, as also the new Kids Mode, Download Booster, and Private mode. But whether the additional features would help drive sales remained to be seen.

Samsung spent $363 million on advertising last year in the US alone, with a huge chunk of that money going to TV commercials. The figure was actually down 10 per cent as against 2012.

The ad would actually not be the first Galaxy S5 commercial, to be aired on the Oscars' night however, this one would likely be aired more extensively.

Samsung pitches its innovation approach in the ad right off, with the commercial touting the S5's ''meaningful innovation'', probably to counter the idea (widespread, in some circles) that Samsung was a fast follower, or even a copier.

According to analysts the clip was just an appetiser and an onslaught of Galaxy S5 promotional activity over the next days, though rivals were not likely to just stand idle.

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