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Samsung unveils high-resolution MX20 camcorder news
21 August 2008

The MX20 camera by Samsung is based on a Secure Digital (SD) memory card, made by Matsushita, SanDisk and Toshiba, that supports up to 16 hours of video recording on a 32GB SD card.

Samsung MX20What makes this camera very interesting is that it does not need direct digital-to-digital conversion, making it simple for users to upload recorded videos directly to an iPOD or to YouTube.

The MX20 is a compact yet powerful digital camcorder, that enables higher video quality and longer recording times.

''The MX20 is the next-generation camcorder engineered for people who want to capture more vivid memories and easily share them on multimedia devices and the internet,'' said Sang Ryong Kim, senior vice president of the camcorder business team at Samsung Electronics.

With its semi-conductor chips and image processing technology, Samsung has developed a new platform which offers high video quality, longer recording times and low power consumption for SD camcorders. The camera has a battery life of upto three hours.

The MX20's H.264 technology enhances video quality and recording times significantly. MX-20 camcorder can record up to 4 hours of footage using an 8GB memory card, 8 hours using a 16GB memory card, and up to 16 hours using a 32GB card in the fine mode.

The MX20 with H.264 approximately doubles the compression ratio so that it takes minimal to send large data files across the internet.

Samsung's MX20  is packed with powerful technologies such as 3-D noise reduction technology for smooth video, edge filter technology for stunning video details and clarity, and color control technology for original and natural colors.

The MX20 features a powerful, Schneider lens with 34x optical zoom and  hyper digital image stabilization, which gives a sharper image. Better composition can be achieved using the face detection technology.

The new model increases the video quality with a high-performance 680K-pixel CCD sensor. It has an advanced 2.7 inch screen LCD which helps review footage even under strong sunlight.

The MX20 is available in two useful modes. iCheck, which allows the user to quickly check battery life and memory capacity, saving time and energy, each time the device is powered on.

The iScene mode allows the user to select up to 10 automatic scene modes for capturing the best footage in any environment.

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Samsung unveils high-resolution MX20 camcorder