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Red Hat signs agreement with IBM deployments on more IBM systems news
Our Corporate Bureau
27 March 2004
Mumbai: Red Hat (RHAT), the world''s leading provider of open source solutions has announced having expanded its agreement with IBM to include Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.3 with IBM eServer Power hardware, as well as support options. Red Hat is the first major Linux distributor to reach an agreement with IBM to allow customers to order and receive Linux with the IBM Power eServer systems.

Although IBM has not yet announced specifics of any shipment plans, the agreement between IBM and Red Hat will enable IBM to give customers the choice of running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on entry level 1-2 way Power4+ systems to the high-end 32-way Power4+ systems, as well as on the Power-based IBM eServer, ''BladeCenter'', allowing customers to benefit from easier modular scalability.

This will allow Red Hat customers to deploy a common code base on all IBM hardware in their infrastructure. Red Hat and IBM have had a strategic agreement since November 2001 to provide customers with Enterprise Linux solutions. Since then the two companies have co-operated to provide broad support for Linux World wide.

According to Brian Connors, vice president, Linux, "This new enhanced agreement with Red Hat will allow us to give customers the option of having their Red Hat Enterprise Linux software shipped with their Power systems."

"As the leader in 64-bit computing, IBM''s future Power offerings are poised to take full advantage of running Linux on Power in a way that no competing Enterprise platform can match. The breadth, depth and technology advancements in the Power microprocessor has set the bar for 64-bit computing," added Connor.

IBM''s Power microprocessor architecture is a leading industry solution for 64-bit applications, offering customers open, innovative technology solutions through the AIX 5L, OS/400 or Linux operating systems that complement the growing demand for 64-bit applications.

In addition to being at the core of the powerful, industry leading IBM eServer systems, the Power microprocessor technology can be found in Nintendo game consoles, Apple computers, and some of the world''s most powerful supercomputers and storage systems.

Describing the new initiative between the two companies as the joint resolve of IBM and Red Hat to further expand their global partnership, Mike Evans, vice president, partner development, Red Hat, said, "As we see the volume 64-bit computing market starting to gain momentum, customers will benefit from the high quality choices available through the IBM Power platform and Red Hat integrated solutions."

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Red Hat signs agreement with IBM deployments on more IBM systems