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Rasna launches sachet priced at Re 1; plans national expansion news
Our Corporate Bureau
25 March 2003

New Delhi: Rasna, the leader in the soft drink concentrate category in India with an 86.9-per cent market share and the only Indian brand in an arena of multinational players, as a part of its grand strategy to reach out to a billion Indians, has launched across the country a product in a sachet that gives a glass of Rasna at only 50 paisa.

Priced at Re 1, this sachet will make two glasses of the all-purpose, all-season soft drink, which offers considerable health benefit, as it comes fortified with vitamin, calcium and glucose. This is a part of the company’s initiative to take soft drinks to the masses.

The new product is almost 40 per cent cheaper than Rasna’s existing range, reinstating Rasna’s position as the most economical soft drink in the country. While this product is available in orange, nimbu pani and mango flavours, it is enriched with generous quantities of calcium, vitamins and glucose.

Consumers will only need to pour the contents of the sachet into a bowl containing two glasses of water and add sugar to make a delicious, refreshing and healthy drink from Rasna. Rasna will make this product available at more than a million outlets across the country.

Says Rasna chairman and managing director Piruz Khambatta: “Rasna is an Indian company for the Indian people. Our aim is to make Rasna a part of the daily life of the common man. With the launch of this new product that gives a glass of Rasna at 50 paisa, we are geared to touch the lives of 86 per cent of Indians, whose lives have not been touched by a soft drink.

“To get this product to the farthest corners of the country we have put a new and extensive retail strategy into place. While this is an exercise never attempted before by any consumer company of this category, this is the single-biggest attempt by an Indian company to grow the market.”

Rasna, an Ahmedabad-based company, has made Rasna one the most recognised brands in India. Rasna virtually created the soft drink concentrate market and now is the leader in this category with an 86.9-per cent volume share, making Rasna the world’s largest selling soft drink concentrate.

Excellence in product offering, packaging, creative promotions and an extensive distribution network has enabled Rasna to hold the fifth position in cold beverages category in the country and has made it the 19th most trusted brand in India.

Dedicated to producing natural, refreshing and most importantly value-for-money products, Rasna, as a mass brand, is affordable to the common Indian man. Besides an extensive network in India, Rasna also has an office in the US and a manufacturing base in the UAE and exports to 40 countries across the globe.

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Rasna launches sachet priced at Re 1; plans national expansion