Renault '09 sales volumes decline by 3.1 per cent to 2.3 million units

French automaker Renault reported that its 2009 world wide sales volumes declined 3.1 per cent to 2.3 million vehicles, which it said beat the overall market, that dropped 4.2 per cent.

The auto maker said it's market share for 2009 rose to 3.7 per cent following its strong performance in the second half of the year. The group is expecting an 8 - 10 per cent fall in the European market in 2010.

"With the end of full-effect government aid, the situation of the automotive industry will remain tense," Renault said in a statement.

The French government has cut back on the car scrappage scheme, which initially offered a C$1,000 ($1,440) bonus for trading in old cars for new ones. The bonus currently stands cut at C$700 but the company says it will make up the difference until the end of February.

Renault, which is France's second largest car maker said its worldwide market share increased by 0.1 per and it planned to increase that further this year.

The company expects the European market to drop between 8 and 10 per cent this year as scrappage schemes are phased out.