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Qibla Cola Company launches new alternative product range news
Our Corporate Bureau
29 April 2003

London: The UK-based Qibla Cola Company Ltd (, which was founded by Derby-based businesswoman Zahida Parveen, has launched its new product range today. The new product range includes:

  • Qibla Cola: 300ml cans of the already popular carbonated cola drink.
  • Qibla-5: Light and delicious, lemon-lime carbonated cocktail.
  • Qibla Fantasy: A bright and sparkly carbonated drink, available in Orange and Mango flavours.
  • Qibla Spring Water: Premium, refreshing natural spring water.

Addressed the press conference, Qibla Cola Company CEO Zafer Iqbal, said: "The Qibla Cola Company is here to provide consumers from within the Muslim community and all people of conscience with an alternate brand of these popular soft drinks - a real alternative."

The Qibla brand offers a real alternative for people concerned by the practices of the major western multinationals that support unjust causes and support the American administration, known for its colonial policies. Regardless of the people that these companies employ in the third world, their exploitation of the workforce and support of states who illegally occupy land is obvious.

"People are increasingly questioning the role these brands play in their societies. They ask, ''Should the money of the oppressed go to the oppressors?'' Muslims are increasingly seeking out alternative products and we have already witnessed huge demand within Europe and overseas markets for true alternatives.

"By choosing to boycott major brands, consumers are sending a powerful signal - that the exploitation of the third world cannot continue unchecked. Qibla Cola represents the conscious choice for people who reject injustice and exploitation."

The company will give 10 per cent of all profits made to world causes. Qibla Cola has paired up with a leading charity organisation, specialising in delivering projects to some of the most deprived communities in the world.

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Qibla Cola Company launches new alternative product range