P&G recalls Vicks DayQuil due to faulty packaging

Vicks DayQuil Procter & Gamble  has issued a voluntary recall of its Vicks DayQuil Cold & Flu 24-Count LiquiCaps bonus pack in the US because of faulty packaging and has advised consumers to njnot to use the recalled product.

It has also notified the Consumer Product Safety Commission and US Food and Drug Administration of the recall.

P&G said it is taking this action because the product does not contain a child-resistant backing for the blister packs in the box, despite label statements that the product is in child-resistant packaging.

It said, "No accidental ingestion by children has been reported with this product, and the medication itself is safe for use when taken as directed. However, this product is not intended for use by children under 12, unless recommended by a physician. The lack of child-resistant packaging means it is possible that a child could gain access to the medicine."

Consumers who purchased this DayQuil 24-count product with the expectation that it was in child-resistant packaging can call P&G on a toll-free number for a refund or replacement coupon. Anyone.

"Consumers who wish to continue to use the product should do so as directed, taking extra care to keep it out of the reach of children," it said and warned, "This medicine could cause serious health problems or death to a child if accidentally swallowed."

No other DayQuil or Vicks products have been affected by the recall.