ONGC reports 3 oil and gas finds in Cambay and KG basin

ONGC has notified three discoveries - one each in the Cambay Basin, Krishna Godavari onland basin and one new pool discovery in KG shallow offshore basin.  

ONGC announced the discoveries at its board meeting held on 25 February 2011. The board also approved the consolidated financial results of the company, ONGC said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

ONGC reported the discoveries while prospecting in NELP block CB-OSN-2003/1 at Cambay Basin. The well Aliabet -2 drilled to a depth of 2,107 metres produced gas at one of the zones in the intervel 1,890-1,896 metres and on testing produced gas at the rate of 12,884 sq metres per day and condensate at 6 sq metres per day. Two more zones are being tested further, ONGC said.

The discovery has opened a new play in Hazard member in the area and may facilitate the efforts to proceed for appraisal and delineation phase in the NELP block.

The area has earlier been explored by companies like Valco, Hardy, Enron and BGEIPL without any discovery.

On further testing after notification, the well produced 77,167 sq metres per day of gas and 11 sq metres per day of condensate through 6mm bean size, ONGC said.