Macromedia pushes into mobile and enterprise market

Mumbai: Where Flash was once the secret weapon of web designers and developers, now Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR), the software powerhouse is aiming to grow its market beyond the web to target the mobile devices market and enterprises.

The Macromedia Max 2005 Conference, held on March 14 & 15 at Delhi and on March 17 & 18 in Bangalore, saw Macromedia sending a definite message that Flash is set to become ubiquitous with its entry into the mobile devices arena while Breeze will see increased adoption in enterprise, government and education sectors.

Flash Lite, specifically designed for mobile phones so consumers can benefit from the power of rich interactive Flash experiences, sets the stage for Macromedia to go beyond its traditional markets and into the creative hands of mobile application developers.

Bill Perry, developer support and content manager for mobile and devices, Macromedia, is confident that thwe company can successfuly establish its foothold amongst mobile devices. "With Flash Lite, we hope to see the end of static mobile content," Perry said. "It is the next big wave in wireless communications; the advent of engaging Flash content and applications on mobile devices," he added.

With more than a million professional web developers and designers using Macromedia, the community has the bandwidth and know-how to meet the fast-growing demand for compelling mobile content.

The company''s licensing agreements with leading mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung and Nokia will also enable rapid growth of Flash. Currently, there are more than 25 million devices including mobile phones, PDAs, educational toys and other digital devices worldwide, which use Flash.