Maruti to recall 1,500 Ertiga, Swift, Dzire, A-Star vehicles

Maruti Suzuki India Limited today said that it will inspect the steering column for 1492 vehicles (306 Ertiga cars, 592 Swift hatchbackss, 581, Dzire sedans, and 13 A-Star vehicles), manufactured between 19th October, 2013 and 26th October 2013.

The company said that if the steering columns in the recalled vehicles were found defective, the company would replace the steering columns free of cost.

"This exercise is limited to vehicles within the above specified range and does not pertain to any other vehicle of the Company or any of its exports," it said in a statement.

It added, "Maruti Suzuki dealers will contact owners of all vehicles in the above range.

New steering columns have been despatched to dealer workshops.

Users of Maruti Suzuki cars (Ertiga, Swift, Dzire and A-Star) purchased after 19th October, 2013, can check Maruti's website to ascertain if their car is among the above mentioned vehicles.

Customers are required to fill in the chassis number (MA3 followed by 14 digit alpha-numeric number) on the website. Chassis numbers are embossed on the vehicle ID plate and also mentioned in the vehicle invoice / registration documents.

Customers can also contact the nearest Maruti Suzuki dealer workshop to ascertain if their vehicle is among the above vehicles.

Information and updates on this recall will be also available for customers on