Maruti to send technical staff to Japan for training

Maruti Suzuki India will set up a skill development centre in Gujarat, where it is investing Rs4,000 crore on a new manufacturing facility at Hansal near Mehsana.

Osamu Suzuki, the visiting chairman of the company's Japanese parent Suzuki Motor Corp, met chief minister Narendra Modi at his residence along with Maruti Suzuki India chairman R C Bhargava and managing director and chief executive Shinzo Nakanishi, when they conveyed the decision to Modi (See: Suzuki chief meets Modi, proposes skill centre in Gujarat).

"I came to thank Modi because he visited me in Japan, and I came (to India) to attend AGM of Maruti," Suzuki told reporters in Ahmedabad after the meeting.

Bhargava said under the skill development programme, 500 people would initially go to Japan for training. "Skill development is another area necessary for the establishment of a new industrial empire ... Suzuki has mentioned about making a scheme by which up to 500 technicians, supervisors can be trained before we start production here," Bhargava said.

An institute would also be set up in Gujarat to train people on how to work in an industrial culture, he said. Besides, a centre to train trainers would be established before starting production at the new plant.