Mahindra launches Alfa Passenger in Chandigarh, Jaipur

Alfa PassengerMahindra & Mahindra Ltd today unveiled the Alfa Passenger, its ergonomically designed, diesel three-wheeler that boasts a stylish, aerodynamic design and a strong superstructure consisting of thick, interconnecting tubes, at an ex showroom price of Rs129,500.00. The vehicle was launched in Jaipur yesterday.

Launching the vehicle at Chnadigarh today Vivek Nayer, vice president, marketing, (auto sector), said the Alfa Passenger had been designed and developed by customers and incorporated features, which would ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers as well as the driver.

''In fact, the latter will benefit the most as he often has to drive his vehicle for approximately 200km a day which can be a very tiring experience,'' said Nayer.

The company says the passenger cabin floor panel is 20 per cent larger, while overall height is around 10 per cent more as compared to similar vehicles, ensuring more head room, shoulder room and leg space for the passenger. It also has The engine of the vehicle also offers lower vibration and noise level due to improved mounting.

A special snorkel allows intake of fresh air to the engine, increasing its life span, while the wide wheelbase ensures greater vehicle stability.

The company says the Alfa is one of the most successful brands from its commercial vehicle stable and offers features that are best in its class. The Alfa range includes Alfa Cargo three-wheeler and the MaXX Maxi truck. The company will add to this line-up with the forthcoming launch of the CNG and LPG versions of the Alfa in the cargo and Passenger Segments.

With annual sales of approximately 2.2 lakh vehicles, the three-wheeler, three-seater passenger category is a big potential market and is expected to grow further on account of infrastructure development and increasing transportation needs. The industry segment grew by 2 per cent in F08 over F07 with the demand for diesel vehicles growing at 18 per cent year on year.