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Lufthansa to build own fleet of private jets news
08 March 2008

Deutsche Lufthansa AG has said that it plans to build its own fleet of exclusive corporate jets this year, when new private jets to come into service in forthcoming months.

The German flagship airline will be the first European airline to develop its own fleet of business jets to offer scheduled services to its most lucrative premium customers.

The company said that the airline was aiming to have a fleet of nine corporate jets operating in the region of Europe and Russia within 12 months. Aviation companies Cessna and Bombardier will make the nine jets.

According to company sources, Lufthansa saw a strong demand for private jet flights in 2007 and the number of private jet flights operated last year rose 26 per cent in that year compared to 2006

Reports indicate that the Lufthansa Private Jet service will connect a network of around 1,000 airports across Europe, making connections possible with the group's long-haul network via its hubs at Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich, as well as facilitate point-to-point services for premium passengers.

Around 70 per cent of the demand is expected to be for ad hoc charter service, for point-to-point flying that would avoid the airline's main airports.

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Lufthansa to build own fleet of private jets