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JP Mobile to provide always-on functionalitynews
N Venugopal
04 July 2002

Hyderabad: JP Mobile Inc, a software developer that extends enterprise information to hand-helds and the parent company of the Hyderabad-based JP Mobile India Ltd, has announced the delivery of always-on functionality to GSM (global system for mobile) and CDMA (code-division multiple access) smartphones.

The company's SureWave technology automatically notifies phone subscribers when information changes at the corporate server by "waking up" the hand-helds and instantly sending the new data to them.

Whether it is an e-mail or calendar update sent to a desktop computer, JP Mobile's technology automatically delivers that data to the phone removing the need to manually request data synchronisation in order to retrieve the new information.

The always-on functionality, which previously was only available on RIM/BlackBerry devices, now includes Handspring's Treo and Visor, and the Kyocera Smartphone series, using SureWave Mail from JP Mobile.

"Our track record in developing workarounds for existing technology limitations continues to be an important element in addressing market demands. Even the 802.11b industry protocol doesn't allow data to be pushed to hand-helds, yet phone subscribers still need real-time data delivered to them," says JP Mobile executive vice-president Ananth Rao.

"With SureWave Mail, businesses can now more effectively leverage the convergence of voice and data by expanding their phone's data functionality from offline to wireless," he adds.

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JP Mobile to provide always-on functionality