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JK Tyre's Jet-Trak Mahayatranews
Our Corporate Bureau
26 August 2003

New Delhi: The leader in the commercial tyre segment, JK Tyre, has once again innovated the market by setting in place a nationwide promotional offer on Jet-Trak, India''s best lug truck tyre.

In an extraordinary effort to get closer to the customer, a unique road show branded as Jet-Trak Mahayatra has been launched to showcase Jet-Trak as the "king of Indian roads."

JK Tyre marketing director Ajay Kapila flagged off the road show from Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, GT Karnal Road, New Delhi, on 22 August 2003. This mahayatra will be held across 25 major transport centres in 16 states across India.

The promotional offer, which is branded as "Jet-Trak Ka Kamal Sone Se Mala Mal," entitles a customer to a 22-carat Tanishq gold of half a gram on purchase of two Jet-Trak tyres. This offer is intended to create joy for the consumers and their families especially in view of ensuing festival season.

The offer is valid from 18 August 2003 to 15 September. Excitement about the brand will be created by games and recreational activities at the Jet-Trak show. The transverse footfall of the road show will be displayed across 25 major transport locations in 16 states during the offer period.

Says Kapila: "This is designed to not only reinforce the communication of a trusted product but also highlight the strengths of JK Tyre. New products Jet Trak -XL and Jetking-10, which have been developed to cater to new and emerging customer segments, are also on display. This is a mobile medium with an audio-visual content which is intended to be a highly interactive platform not only to educate the targeted consumer audience but also receive valuable customer feedback .The improved Jetrak will offer improved mileage, high casing reliability and unbeatable performance."

JK Tyre Jet-Trak is the only lug tyre brand in the truck and bus segment that has a successful and sustained pan-Indian presence for over 25 years in the highly demanding load-bearing drive wheel truck lug tyre segment. Its new pyramid lug design makes sure that it is free of lug cheaping as well as of tearing.

At the same time, super strong casing offers good retreading. Jet-Trak has thus been performing in diverse operating conditions throughout the country and consistently been exceeding the ever increasing needs and expectations of transport operators. The unique bundle of benefits in Jet-Trak powered by high technological inputs are:

  • Load Carrying ability
  • Enhanced mileage performance
  • Casing integrity
  • Coolest running

The new improved Jet-Trak brings more mileage, more safety, more benefits and more excitement to the Indian consumer. The brand enjoys a tremendous consumer recall and is India'' s best lug tyre and one of the largest selling brands and its success has lead to JK Tyre at times being known as the Jet-Trak company. The objective of the offer is to reward the loyal customers of Jet-Trak who have contributed to JK Tyre achieving its leadership status today.


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JK Tyre's Jet-Trak Mahayatra