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HMT unveils country''s cheapest, fuel efficient tractornews
16 August 2005

Mumbai: HMT Limited, the leader in heavy industries has launched the country''s lowest-priced tractor ''Yuva''. The 25 HP Yuva is priced at Rs1,85,000 and comes with unique features, mechanising the Indian way of farming.

Yuva has a twin-cylinder water cooled engine and a front open single piece bonnet for ease of servicing. The front bumper provide safety. It has a single piece axle in the front on which a hydraulic pump for easy maintenance is mounted there. It has a totally sealed MT housing to e;iminate leakage. Yuva has a hydraulic system with built in circuit for tipper trolley and a single dry clutch for tractor and PTO shaft.

Highly fuel efficient Yuva gives 1.75m litre per hour on road and 2.25 litres per hour in the field. It has been designed to be fitted with specialised farm equipment such as hydrodoser, rotavetor, combine harvestor and lifting equipment, among others. HMT has already been manufacturing tractors of 25hp, 35hp, 40hp, 65hp and 75hp range. HMT also manufacturers specialised versions for particular soil conditions like the coastal special and the orchard special. HMT tractors are backed by engineering and technology developed by its machine tool plants.

Speaking on the occasion, M S Zahed, chairman and managing director, said, "HMT has always taken pride in bringing the best in technology to India. To strengthen the same trend Yuva has been introduced, which is a boon to the Indian farmer. With the launch of Yuva, HMT has initiated the process of mechanistion of the Indian farming"

HMT rolled out its first 25 HP tractor in collaboration with Motokov of Erstwhile Czechoslovakia from its Pinjore plant in Haryana in 1971. It was successful in indigenising the 25hp tractors together with the introduction of variety of tractors in wide range to suit specific needs of the agricultural sector.

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HMT unveils country''s cheapest, fuel efficient tractor