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Himalaya unveils women’s healthcare drugs news
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23 August 2002
Mumbai: Himalaya Drug Company, the producer of leading household brands like Liv 52 and Ayurvedic Concepts, has announced the launch of two new products — Menosan, for management of menopausal symptoms, and Reosto, a drug to combat osteoporosis — under its medicinal range of products.

Himalaya general manager (pharma marketing) Philipe J Haydon says: “Clinical trials and research have shown that Menosan is considered to be an ideal alternative to hormone replacement therapy without the associated risks and adverse effects. Menosan is a unique herbal formulation that contains phytoestrogens with benefits in managing short and long-term symptoms. In addition, Menosan helps women cope with the discomfort and unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause without any side-effects.”

He adds: “Reosto, being a natural source of calcium, eliminates the risk of abnormally high calcium and vitamin D levels in blood, thereby helps preventing formation of calcium stones in the urinary tract. It helps to slow bone loss and reduce the incidence of fractures. The presence of phytoestrogens helps in modulating the synthesis and utilisation of various hormones to restore the hormonal balance without any side-effects.”

Significant features of Menosan: Menosan improves hormone utilisation and overall hormonal balance. It provides relief from bothersome symptoms like excessive sweating, insomnia and headache associated with menopause. Menosan reduces irritability, fatigue, depression and hot flushes. It also aids in relieving bone and joint pains, and provides regulation of urinary tract functions.

Menosan contains ingredients such as ashoka, shatavari and yashti-madhu, which contain phytoestrogens that have significant advantages over synthetic estrogens. The product, priced at Rs 2 per tablet, comes in a convenient dose pack of 60 tablets and is to be taken twice daily.

Significant features of Reosto: Osteoporosis is a condition of excessive skeletal fragility resulting in bones that break easily and considered to be a major health problem of modern times. Osteoporosis accounts for more than 1.5 million fractures annually with women being more prone to this disorder. Though there are various treatment options available in the market, they have always been associated with inconvenience, increased risk of side-effects and exorbitant costs.

The product has as its ingredients guggulu (hypolipidemic and anti-inflammatory), godanti bhasma (natural calcium), rasna (analgesic and anti-inflammatory), arjuna (cardioprotective), and ashvagandha (antistress adaptogenic agent, which also contains phyto hormones) and kukkutandatvak bhasma (natural calcium). It has undergone extensive tests that establish its safety and efficacy.

Reosto, with a twice-daily dose, comes affordably priced at Rs 1.50 per tablet and is available in a convenient dose pack of 60 tablets.

About the company Since its inception in 1930, Himalaya has pioneered the use of modern science to rediscover and validate ayurveda’s secrets. Today, Himalaya products serve the health and personal care needs of consumers in over 55 countries including the US, the UK, Holland, Switzerland and Belgium.

All formulations of Himalaya are subject to primary research for up to 10 years before it reaches the consumer at the final product. It is this emphasis on research and stringent quality standards that has led 200,000 doctors worldwide to endorse Himalaya products.


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Himalaya unveils women’s healthcare drugs