Honda to recall 72,115 City sedans in India

Japanese carmaker Honda has announced a recall of 72,115 units of its mid-sized sedan City cars in India to replace defective power window switches as part of a global exercise.

Honda Siel Cars India Ltd (HSCI), the Indian arm of Honda Motor Company, today said it would carry out preventive part replacement of power window switch in 72,115 units of second generation City, manufactured between 2005 and 2007.

HSCI had, in June 2010, announced this part replacement exercise for 8,532 of its second generation City sedans manufactured in 2007.

"Although no incident has been reported in India, HSCI is extending the same exercise to the previously sold Honda City manufactured in 2005 to 2007," Honda said in a release.

"HSCI is carrying out the part replacement as part of a global exercise by Honda Motor Company to ensure stringent quality standards for its products," the company said. 

HSCI had announced this proactive part replacement exercise in January 2010 for 8,532 units of 2nd Generation City, manufactured in 2007 to replace the power window switches that can cause fire under certain conditions. (See: Honda to recall 8,532 defective Honda City Sedans in India)