Godrej launches 100% refined soyabean oil

New Delhi:
The foods division of Godrej Industries has entered into the soyabean oil category with the launch of Godrej 100% Refined Soyabean Oil.

The oil has the goodness of i-boost, which boosts health. The oil is from soya, which is the richest source of easily-digestible vegetable protein. It contains the major Omega-3 fatty acids, which is vital for the immune system, the vision and for regulating blood pressure. The balanced fatty acid profile, the high PUF and cholesterol-free content make this the best cooking oil for every familys good health.

Available in two stock keeping units of 1-litre pouch and a 5-litre jar, it is priced at Rs 57 and Rs 299, respectively. Says Godrej executive VP (sales and marketing) M Y Varma: There has been a clear consumer shift in the edible oil consumption pattern during the last few years. Consumers are slowly shifting towards competitively priced oils like soyabean oil that offer a better value proposition to the customer.

This shift has been clear across the country, specifically north. A lot of branded players have been entering into the soyabean category to keep themselves tuned to the changing market trends. Godrej, a leading player in the edible oil market, has today ventured into this category in an endeavor to provide high-value proposition to its customers across all customer segments.

The product is being promoted with various advertising and promotional offers. As a launch offer, the company is offering attractive consumer promos with the purchase of a 1-litre pouch, a consumer gets a Cinthol Lime Fresh Soap worth Rs 12 free; with the purchase of every 5-litre jar, one stainless steel copper bottomed kadai worth Rs 90 free.

Godrejs foods division is the owner of brands like Godrej Refined Sunflower Oil, Godrej Vanaspati, Cooklite Sunflower Oil, Godrej Refined Groundnut Oil, Godrej 100% Refined Blended Vegetable Oil, bakery fats like Godrej Himgiri and Godrej Zesta Puff, Godrej Tomato Puree, and Jumpin and the Xs range of Fruit Beverages.

Godrej is a leading manufacturer of surface-active agents, oleo chemicals and food products. The company employs more than 2,200 people and has four modern manufacturing facilities at Vikhroli (Mumbai), Valia (Gujarat), Mandideep (MP) and Mysore. Associate companies include Godrej Consumer Products, Godrej Sara Lee, Godrej Agrovet and Godrej Properties and Investments.