One-stop shop for branded wear Go Bananas opens in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The one-stop shop for branded wear, Go Bananas, was inaugurated in the city recently.

Owned and operated by Sachin Baslas and Amita Baslas, Go Bananas displays a number of famous international apparel brands sourced from countries like China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia and Bangkok.

According to the shop-owners the major attraction at the outlet will be the product prices as well as their originality. The price range starts from as low as Rs 35-350 for kids, Rs 65-800 for women and Rs 65-600 for men. Even the western informal and leisure-wear clothes are available at the outlet for all age groups.

Popular Tollywood hero Srihari inaugurated the showroom at White House, Greenland. Other Telugu film starts present on the occasion were Shravya and Allari Naresh and Asmit Marwah, a designer. Baslas say Go Bananas will be extended to several other areas in the city and also in other cities.