Gillette India intensifies drive against counterfeit products

Mumbai: Gillette India Limited today along with the crime branch of the Mumbai police, conducted raids on the dealers and retailers of Gillette branded counterfeit and infringing products.

The raid resulted in seizures of several lakh worth of Gillette branded counterfeits and products brought into India through illegal channels. Gillette India has taken the initiative along with the state police to manage this growing threat for the consumer, the government and the company.

Commenting on the raids, Anshuman Sharma, vice president, legal and corporate affairs, Gillette India, said, "The biggest victim of this highly structured crime is the consumer who is being sold fake and counterfeit products of dubious and inferior quality. The government currently earns nearly Rs. 30 crores from Gillette on account of duties and taxes. This amount could substantially increase, by checking the sale of these counterfeit and grey market products. As importantly, it is causing immense harm to the company''s brand equity and distribution channels "

In addition to the crackdown dealers, distributors and retailers of counterfeit and smuggled Gillette products, the company is proactively using technology to help its consumers distinguish genuine products from the fake ones. The Gillette personal care range — shave foam, shave gels, aftershave gels, aftershave splash and deodorant spray — come with a special label, price sticker and a company hologram strip, that helps consumers in distinguishing genuine products from fakes.