GoodKnight launches new ad featuring Vidya Balan

Household insecticide brand GoodKnight has launched a new ad campaign for the GoodKnight advanced low-smoke coils.

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, the brand ambassador for GoodKnight, is seen in the role of a wife engaged in a debate with her husband over the use of the low smoke coil, in which she emerges victorious.

The ad is created by JWT while award-winning director Priyadarshan has directed the same.

Tarun Arora, executive vice president, marketing and sales, Godrej Household Products, said, ''Consumers hesitate in believing that a low-smoke coil can effectively kill insects, hence we wanted a director who could provide full justice to reach them in the right way thus making Priyadarshan the perfect choice for it.

The unique proposition of the product is that the coil burns without smoke.

''The new ad campaign communicates the message of safety and well being thereby reinforcing the message 'Asar dikhega, dhuaan nahin','' added Arora.

Godrej Household Products Limited is the market leader in the Indian household insecticides category and has a dominant presence in the air care, shoe care and male hair care categories.