GM recalls 475,418 Chevy Cruze over fire risk from engine shield

US auto giant General Motors yesterday said that it is recalling 475,418 compact Chevrolet Cruze sedans to modify the under-engine shield so flammable liquids are not trapped in the engine compartment where a fire could start and spread.

The recall covers 2011 and 2012 Cruze sedans that were built at the carmaker's Lordstown, Ohio, plant from September 2010 through May 2012.

The recall affects 413,418 vehicles sold in the US, 61,299 in Canada and 701 in Israel.

The Detroit, Michigan-based car maker said that improper engine oil change procedures on these vehicles can result in the spilling or dripping of oil. If oil contacts hot engine or exhaust system surfaces, and the engine shield, the shield may ignite and burn, resulting in a possible engine compartment fire.

Continuing to drive in Cruzes with manual transmissions with a completely worn clutch may cause hydraulic fluid to be expelled from the clutch housing vent hole. GM said that under certain circumstances, the fluid could be burning as it exits the vent hole. If it contacts the engine shield, the shield may ignite and a fire may spread to the engine compartment.

GM said that there are no known crashes, injuries or fatalities related to either recall.