Fortune in global lottery forum

Mumbai: Fortune Online Lottery, India''s fastest-growing online lottery, has joined the World Lottery Association (WLA) as a full-fledged member.

WLA represents 143 lotteries from 74 countries on all five continents, with combined annual revenues in excess of $103 billion. As a full-fledged member of WLA, Fortune will now represent India at this global platform for lottery operators across the world.

Says Fortune Online Lottery chief operating officer Zeev Leshem: "Membership to WLA is a step towards benchmarking ourselves with the global leaders in lotteries. As a privileged member of WLA, we will now be able to coordinate with lotteries across the world, sharing information and insights on games as well as lottery operations. In our efforts to devise better games and entertainment value for our consumers, WLA will help us gain exposure with best-of-breed practices, thus helping us enhance our product offerings."

"It is my pleasure to welcome Fortune Lotteries as the youngest member of the WLA family," says Yvonne Schnyder, secretary general, WLA.

WLA has been at the forefront in identifying lottery trends across the world. Its forums on lottery-related issues such as security and risk management have been well received by members and industry experts across the world. WLA advertising awards and comprehensive reports on specific markets have set the standards for industry analysis in the lottery domain.

Fortune is promoted by CAIRS Computer Aided Information Research Services in association with the Essar Telecom group. CAIRS has the sole distribution rights for computer lottery organised by the Nagaland government.

Fortune is backed by the latest technology on all fronts — hardware, communications and software from its technology partner Editec, a Europe-based online lottery firm and a leading supplier of online computerised wagering systems with worldwide operations.