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Fiat India unveils Palio NV news
P K Hari
26 August 2003

Mumbai: The car that promises to be the pride of its owners and the envy of others is here. Fiat India has announced the launch of the much awaited Palio NV (New Version), a new series of its path-breaking flagship model, Palio petrol 1.2.

The Palio NV is available in four variants — the EL, EL PS, ELX and Sport. The NV series has improved fuel efficiency, exciting new features and is offered in eight colours, including an attractive new glamour shade, Passion Purple. The Palio NV series will be available across India starting 26 August 2003.

The price details of the Palio NV series are as follows: Model (ex-showroom - Delhi)

  • Palio EL NV: Rs 3,53,737
  • Palio EL PS NV: Rs 3,79,425
  • Palio ELX NV: Rs 4,10,855
  • Palio Sport NV: Rs 4,34,629

Says Fiat India chairman and managing director Alberto Montanari: "The Palio is sold in 40 countries and over 2,400,000 cars from the 178 platform family are on the road. It is appreciated the world over not only for its exclusive style and design, but also its superior performance, fuel efficiency and safety features. We are confident that the launch of the Palio NV will fuel the next phase of growth for Fiat in India.

"What we have learnt is that mileage perceptions are based on individual customer driving styles and past experiences. Many customers were earlier driving cars with smaller engines and while graduating to a Palio 1.2 or 1.6, which is driven by a more powerful engine, took a while to get used to this change but immediately appreciated the high level of refinement.

"After having experienced Palio''s ride, durability, comfort, safety features, space and a host of other advantages due to the superior stiffness of the body, customers now acknowledge that this kind of performance comes at a very small price. But taking cognisance of the fact that fuel efficiency plays a vital role in consumers'' purchase decisions, we had our highly experienced R&D team working on further enhancing the value-for-money and cost-of-ownership proposition offered by the Palio. The result of these collective efforts, is the introduction of the Palio NV series."

Says Fiat India commercial director Ananda Mohan Gupta: "The value-added offerings and refinements incorporated in the new Palio NV have been based on Fiat''s experience with the Palio in other countries, customer feedback and in-house research. The Palio NV incorporates several modifications in the car system, with a focus on three key areas, namely, the engine exhaust system; the cabin air conditioning system; and the vehicle aerodynamics.

"These elements have a synergising effect, contributing to a significant improvement in mileage. Besides this, the addition of new features, a new colour and attractive price points, will ensure that the Palio continues to be a frontrunner in the B segment of the Indian market. Our efforts are to constantly keep our products fresh and appealing to customers. This new launch is sure to create a lot of excitement among consumers."

A new advertising campaign has also been created for the Palio NV. The launch television advertisement shot in Jaisalmer is designed to highlight the fact that the Palio NV has enhanced fuel efficiency. The execution is light-hearted and full of fun, depicting four different scenarios related to the NV pulling into a fuel station in a remote location in Rajasthan and the drivers asking the fuel pump attendant for anything and everything — but fuel.

Furthering Fiat''s commitment to customer service that has been a cornerstone in the company''s plans for India, a ''new service policy'' has also been introduced by Fiat alongside the launch of Palio NV. The key highlights of this new service policy revolve around a change in the free-services pattern, in such a manner that three free services are completed within the first year of ownership.

The free-service intervals hereafter will be — first service at 1,000/1,500kms or two months, second at 7,500kms or six months and the third at 15,000kms or 12 months whichever is earlier. (The previous policy had no time indicators and offered two free services fixed at 7,500kms and 15,000kms.)

Adds Gupta: "The new policy will facilitate customer visits to our workshops at least three times in the first year and will help us build a closer relation with him/her. Additionally this will give us the opportunity to call up a customer when the car''s service is due, since now there is a time led interval that has been fixed for the first three free services."

Undoubtedly, Fiat India is all set to script another success story with the launch of the all-new Palio NV.

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Fiat India unveils Palio NV