Electrolux Kelvinator launches - Oxyaquaswing

Mumbai: Electrolux Kelvinator Ltd India, a subsidiary of the Electrolux Group, the world's number 1 producer of powered household and outdoor appliances, has launched what it says is the world's first hands-free refrigerator titled- Oxyaquaswing.

According to the company, it launched the refrigerator — that can be opened by a 'foot pedal opening door' — after conducting a nationwide extensive consumer in-sights study. It says the refrigerator offers consumers 'greater convenience.'

The refrigerator's unique 'hands-free' feature allows the user to open the refrigerator door using the foot. This feature is helpful when the person is keeping two items in the refrigerator holding one item in each hand. A very common reality in Indian homes it was not realised until now by any refrigerator company in the country.

The refrigerator also comes with a water dispenser that allows one to store large quantities of water in the refrigerator. According to the company the product exemplifies the company's brand promise: "Nurturing hopes. Nourishing life."

The company says this is a continuation of its commitment to develop innovative products as per customers' current and latent needs. The company also launched the world's first talking washing machine — the Washy Talky, the intelligent refrigerator — the Ozone, which comes with world's first Life Nourishing System and now, world's first hands-free refrigerator, the Oxyaquaswing."

According to the company Oxyaquaswing comes with magicoat roll bond freezer, maxi 2 insulation with the addition of the health guard deodoriser, which prevent the putrefaction of food. Increasing the convenience in usage, the product has adjustable wire shelves adding flexibility to hold products and containers of varied sizes. In addition to this, the refrigerator has enhanced features such as the anti-rust GI sheet in rust prone areas and long legs to clean the floor underneath.