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Capgemini launches a new global brand campaignnews
Our Corporate Bureau
20 April 2004

Mumbai: Capgemini the management, technology and outsourcing consultancy firm has launched a new 60m euro branding campaign. The campaign reveals both a new positioning and a new identity for the firm and will continue to run until the end of the year.

The firm began to plan the campaign, when its internal research with its clients, prospects, employees and analysts revealed that fundamental changes were taking place in the management consultancy market.

The firm''s internal research titled ''The Voice of the Customer'' looked at the perceptions of clients in the consulting industry. The research illustrated that there was considerable change taking place in the consulting industry, and clients were driving the shift.

Paul Hermelin Capgemini Group CEO says, "The consultancy industry has been in flux in recent years. It''s now clear that client demands are different. Companies that listen to clients and take on board what they say will capitalise on the market. In response to these client needs, we have formalised our unique approach in the collaborative business experience," he said.

The consulting industry has traditionally been dominated by a small number of ''power'' brands. Capgemini''s new positioning around the collaborative business experience, directly relates to the market research and introduces the industry''s first ''experience based'' brand."     

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Capgemini launches a new global brand campaign