Borland extends Java leadership

Mumbai: Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ: NM: BORL) has announced a slew of product offerings from Java solutions and best practices for leveraging enterprise computing software platform at JavaOne. More than 10,000 software developers and enterprise IT managers have gathered to hear the views of leading companies on the challenges and opportunities facing Java in the year ahead. Other companies include BEA, Nokia, Oracle and Sun Microsystems.

"As a global leader in the software industry for more than 20 years and the voice of almost three million developers, Borland has the opportunity and a responsibility to help the Java community meet today''s challenges and prepare for the future," said Dale Fuller, CEO of Borland. "The Borland application lifecycle management solutions on display today enable the world''s leading organisations to stay ahead of new opportunities, while reducing the cost and risk associated with leveraging the best of all available technologies and talent."

During the first day''s general session, Borland CTO Pat Kerpan discussed the balance of creativity and control required for teams building world-class Java enterprise applications. Kerpan and Rick Nadler, Borland''s chief scientist for Java technology, explored what true application lifecycle management (ALM) should look like: developers efficiently working together in teams and tackling complex enterprise applications across distributed environments.

During the session, Kerpan and Nadler also advised the participants to choose and manage the right portfolio of technologies that will allow their organisations to successfully develop and deploy applications on the evolving Java platform and better react to today''s business and technology pressures.

"Java has reached a level of sophistication and complexity unlike anything we have today or have seen before and this evolution is creating huge challenges for software developers and their organisations," said Kerpan. "It is the industry''s responsibility to provide technology that helps them overcome these challenges. Tools and team integration solutions must strike the right balance of creativity and control so teams can build and integrate solutions that are scalable, adaptable and maintainable as the Java platform and broader industry evolves."