BBC bans bananas at its new HQ news
07 January 2013

The BBC's brand new headquarters in London cannot stand bananas, forcing the broadcaster  to ban the fruit after warnings from a staffer that the humble fruit could kill her.

BBC issued the warning after some colleagues of the staffer put up posters warning other colleagues against bringing bananas or pealing them at the premises because of a dangerous allergy problem suffered by the staffer.

A report in the Sun said the journalist staff has brought to the notice of her colleagues of her allergy problem with the banana that she could suffer a fatal reaction if she came into contact with a banana.

Posters have been put up with a cross over a bunch of bananas all over the place. The ban means that staff and workers at the BBC's new HQ in London are forbidden from bringing, pealing or eating bananas anywhere near others at BBC's new HQ, the report said.

"The posters placed in specific areas of the newsroom have been put up by staff out of courtesy for a fellow colleague who has a strong medical sensitivity to bananas which can lead to severe symptoms,'' a BBC spokesman said.

Banana could cause an allergy in users or those who are exposed to it first as the body reacts to the banana palm's pollen with victims experiencing itching and swelling in the mouth.

However, the report said, in more serious cases, it could lead to an anaphylactic reaction where the victim's airways swell and constrict, which could threaten life, the report said.

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BBC bans bananas at its new HQ