Bajaj Tempo re-christened Force Motors

Pune: Firodia group company Bajaj Tempo, has been re-named Force Motors.

This is mainly because the company's former financial collaborator, DaimlerChrysler AG has requested for the name-change as the word `Tempo' is originally Daimler's registered trademark.

Diamler Chrysler had signed a technical collaboration with Bajaj Tempo in 2003, to provide technology for common rail diesel engine. Bajaj Tempo is still an important supplier to DaimlerChrysler India, for the requirements of Mercedes engines in India.

The government has directed Bajaj Tempo to propose a new name under Section 22 of the Companies Act, 1956 which provides that when the name of a company is identical to a registered trademark, the Union Government can direct that company to change its name, by passing an ordinary resolution.

DCAG exited the company in 2001 by selling its shareholding to Firodias but had allowed easy transition on the name change front.

Bajaj Tempo manufactures utility vehicles, three-wheelers, tractors and LCVs. It has also tied up with Maschinefabrik Augsburg Nurnberg (MAN) of Germany for entering the medium and heavy commercial vehicles segment.