Gulf coast spill spreading, new video shows no let up in flow

BP Plc today continued efforts to plug the leak from its Gulf of Mexico oil well, though it is feared that the company's damage control efforts may prove ineffective as powerful currents  have been pushing the slick towards prized US tourist resorts and fisheries.

The London-based energy giant has said it planned to increase the the amount of oil captured from its blown well even as it works on a permanent fix .

The company claims it is capturing an estimated 2,000 barrels per day with a siphon pipe inserted into the ruptured undersea well. It estimates this amount to be around 40 per cent of the amount gushing into the surrounding waters.

The progress of the company's efforts is under the close scrutiny of the US administration which has taken a tough stance on the BP and other companies involved.

According to environmentalists, the spill may be prove to be even worse that the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster off Alaska, the worst such

In its response the US administration has nearly doubled a no-fishing zone in waters affected by the spill extending it to around 19 per cent of US waters in the Gulf. The move is being seen as a sign of worsening of the environmental impact in the region.