Bayer receives European green award for its vehicle fleet

Bayer has been presented with the "International Green Fleet Award 2009" by Fleet Europe, the European alliance of leasing vehicle providers and users and car manufacturers.

Fleet Europe complimented the company's fleet management policy that is integrated into its climate programme.

Bayer is converting its global vehicle fleet to environmentally friendly technologies and, by 2012, aims to cut CO2 emissions by 20 per cent from 2007 levels.

Through the greater use of optimised-consumption engine technologies and through the introduction of alternative propulsion systems such as natural gas and hybrid, the Bayer Group has so far succeeded in lowering its fleet's CO2 emissions by around 10 per cent.

Fleet management is an integral part of Bayer's extensive climate programme. With the aid of a number of global measures, the company is reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions and developing new solutions for protecting the climate and dealing with climate change.

Apart from various other internal projects such as the greater use of so-called "telepresence'' systems as a substitute for long-haul flights, these also include, for example, a business model for energy-optimised buildings, an emissions-reducing technology for chlorine production, and new analysis and implementation tools for optimising the energy efficiency of production plants – all innovations that Bayer also offers to other companies.