India is "final frontier" for AirAsia -operations may start by October

Kuala Lumpur: Low-cost carrier AirAsia expects to open a new route to India by October this year, according to its chief executive officer, Datuk Tony Fernandes.

"We are in the final process of applying to the Indian government. We received the rights from the Malaysian government," he told reporters.

Fernandes also said that while AirAsia X would focus on flying to Amritsar in Punjab, AirAsia would fly to a new destination in the south of India. However, the new destination was yet to be finalised.

"It's our final frontier. I am sounding like Star Trek. The first plan was Malaysia. Second plan was Asean, which we kind of dominated. Then, we went into China, which we are growing, and finally India. With that our mission will be completed," he told reporters.