Audi bullish on Indian pre-owned cars market

According to Audi India, one of the fastest growing luxury car makers in the Indian market, it is keen on offering its pre-owned cars in the Indian market. The company would be keen in operating in the used car business through its Audi Approved Plus programme.

In a recent statement, Anil Reddi, head of sales, Audi India, said, ''We are evaluating the requirements and customer preferences for used cars that can be offered through Audi Approved Plus, which is selling pre-owned cars in many countries, and is not yet there in India. It is likely to be introduced here this year or the next year.''

Primarily, Audi Approved Plus would target buyers who want to upgrade to the luxury car segment for which the company is lining up a range of used cars of less than five years vintage. The vehicles will undergo thorough testing by Audi engineers to ensure the fool-proof safety of the cars.

Audi India, reported a sales surge during May this year. The luxury car maker that sold 200 cars last May sold 408 units in May this year. Audi sold 2,394 units in Jan-May 2011 period, as against  1,167 units it sold in the same period last year.

The record sale even with petrol prices hitting the roof, bank interest rates shooting and other constraining factors coming into play, points to the popularity of the brand and customer's allegiance. According to analysts, Audi has immensely benefited from its long history of dedicated sales and quality after sales service which has helped maintain the customer base it so strongly depends on.

According to Michael Perschke, Audi India chief, the company was very happy with recent recorded figures, and proud of its success. He added the company was confident that with strong commitment of its sales dealers and strong customer support, Audi would be able to see significant sales in the balance few months of this year.