Audi to use BASF's eco-friendly paint system in India

Mumbai: The Indian affiliate of the German luxury car manufacturer, Audi, will become the first car manufacturer in the country to work with BASF.

This follows an agreement signed by Audi ti use BASF's eco-friendly waterborne premium refinish paint system ''Glasurit.''

BASF had announced the launch of its "Glasurit 90 line innovation" eco-friendly waterborne refinish system, the first waterborne refinish system to be introduced in India, at the time of signing the agreement with Audi.

BASF says its ''Glasurit 90 line innovation'' provides outstanding finish quality while cutting down solvent emission by 90 per cent and also saves cost of waste disposal by 95 per cent.

The agreement further bolsters the existing global relationship of ''Vorsprung durch Technik'' by Audi and the technology leadership of BASF in waterborne refinish paint.

Benoit Tiers, managing director, Audi India, said, ''We have been working with BASF worldwide and I am sure we will take the partnership to new heights by working together in India. Environmental issues are very important in this country and we are taking a big step in this direction with combining the highest quality in after sales service with eco-friendly solutions for our luxury cars.'' 

Prasad Chandran, chairman, BASF Group in India and head South Asia, said BASF's continuous endeavour to provide hi-tech, innovative products helps its customers be more successful in the market place. ''As a partner of choice, our team is looking forward to extending our best–in-class services to Audi in India,'' he said.